Am Fantoche-Festival

Auch dieses Jahr durfte ich wieder beim Fantoche-Filmfestival dabei sein und viele spannende, aufregende und berührende Momente erleben. Das Making-of von Isle of Dogs war sicherlich eines der Highlights. Ich habe es sehr genossen, einen Einblick in Wes Andersons Arbeitsweise zu gewinnen. Am Eröffnungsabend durfte ich für einmal auch ins Rampenlicht treten! (Foto ©Johanna Encrantz)

Moritz Leuenberger

Am Freitag, den 4. Juni, sprach Bundesrat Moritz Leuenberger anlässlich des Abschlussfestes der Saatgutkarawane zum Thema biologische Vielfalt. Ihn habe ich für die ausländischen Gäste ins Englische gedolmetscht.


Dolmetschen für Swissaid

Diese Woche bin ich in der Schweiz unterwegs mit Swissaid. Dieses Hilfswerk hat gemeinsam mit weiteren Organisationen eine Saatgutkarawane durch die Schweiz organisiert, um auf die Probleme mit GVO in Entwicklungsländern aufmerksam zu machen. Lesen Sie mehr auf der Seite von Swissaid!

Am Freitag, den 4. Juni findet auf dem Bundesplatz das grosse Abschlussfest statt. Unter anderem wird sich Bundesrat Moritz Leuenberger an die Gäste aus dem Ausland wenden.

Hier finden Sie Bilder über die Reise der Karawane und Sie sehen mich bei der Arbeit.


New Website

My new website is online! It took a while to rewrite the texts, take new pictures and proofread the texts again and again… I hope you like it!


Another year has gone by and it’s time to take stock. Once again, I carried out many exciting and interesting interpretation and translation assignments; quite often, I would find articles in the press about the court cases at which I had interpreted. Among others, I had the honour to interpret for Clauda Pechstein in the context of the anti-dope proceedings initiated against her. Her case is going to rewrite the history of the fight against doping, because, as of now, the burden of proof is going to be with the accused athlete.



Other cases included a fraudster pretending to pay out Spanish lottery wins, a Bernese policeman allegedly using force against a black African detainee and a man knowingly infecting his partner with HIV. In Brussels, things were pretty quiet this year due to the European elections. During the Czech presidency of the European Union there were a few ’scandals‘, in the first semester, which were caused, among others, by the controversial EU work of art entitled ‚Entropa‘, produced by Czech artist David Cerny, ( and exhibited at the European Council building, the collapse of the Czech government in March, in the middle of the Czech presidency, and the provocation of EU Members of Parliament and delay tactics employed by Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The European Parliament, in its new composition (incarnation?), is only now beginning to get back into full swing… After relaxing at home with my family over Christmas and enjoying a few days without work, things will pick up again in January with, (among others), the Solothurn Film Festival, which starts on 22 January and will, as every year, feature a variety of interesting films and documentaries. Finally, I’d like to thank both my customers and colleagues for their excellent co-operation and wish all of you lots of success in the New Year!

Interpreting for Vaclav Havel

At the World Demographic Association Congress, September 29th 2006, St. Gall University, I had the honour of meeting former Czech president Vaclav Havel and of interpreting his acceptance speech as the laureate of the „Prix des Générations 2006“. Understandably, I was both nervous and excited at the same time, but all went well and as it turned out, the speech was not as philosophical as I had originally feared. A recording of Vaclav Havel’s speech is available here (MP3 format).