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Are you looking for experienced interpreters and translators?

I will assist you with providing teams of conference interpreters for your event, whether on-site or online, or certified translators for for your multilingual documents, ensuring that your verbal and written communication is a success.

Interpreters and translatorsr

I work exclusively with certified conference interpreters – and, as a consultant interpreter for AIIC – if possible always with members of  AIIC, the international association of conference interpreters, carefully choosing the colleagues with the right experience and fields of speciality for your event.

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Express Umzug AGExpress Umzug AG
17:45 05 May 24
07:41 07 Feb 24
Very professional and outstanding communication! Friendly and following up on all queries! Fast understanding of needs, taking time and providing excellent results. Austrian government offices accepted.
Cetin KaynarCetin Kaynar
14:38 21 May 23
Florian FrankFlorian Frank
12:40 03 Feb 23
Excellent, precise translations. The documents are of high graphic quality, analogous to the original. The implementation is very quick and the communication is extremely pleasant. Unfortunately I cannot give a 6th star, otherwise 6 stars for Ms. Neversil.
Zoe Meniconi BretscherZoe Meniconi Bretscher
12:00 30 Aug 22
He responded attentively and quickly, with a perfect delivery time and an appropriate price. The translation served me without problems for what I needed it for.
Andie PilotAndie Pilot
13:59 31 Jul 21
I was so pleased to work with Maria Neversil, who translated my third cookbook from English to German. She took such good care when translating, and provided really useful and insightful commentary on the text. A real wordsmith, I was delighted with how she managed to capture my voice in German. She was very professional and always quick to reply. Highly recommended--thank you, Maria!
Franz Stephan LindauFranz Stephan Lindau
08:21 20 Apr 20
Ms. Neversil works in a highly professional and prompt manner and communication with her was very pleasant. I am absolutely satisfied and will contact you again for a translation if necessary.

Languages and Expertise

english, deutsch, español, français, čeština, slovenčina

I am happy to point you to colleagues specialising in translations that do not fall within one of my areas of expertise

Law, medicine, dental medicine, film and television, art, energy/power generation, agriculture, railways
Technical specialties
Cour judgments, Police reports, Deeds, Last wills & testaments
Tenders, annual reports, business reports, business correspondence
Websites, presentations, product brochures, publications, ads
Exhibition Catalogues, vvent Programmes, presentations
Circulars, product presentations, medical reports


Translation rates depend on the complexity and urgency of a text. Quite often, what one person considers to be a simple, general text, may actually be quite complex for someone not familiar with that particular area. My rates range from CHF 3.30 per line for a general text, to CHF 4.50 per line for complex and/or urgent texts. Once I have seen the text for translation, I can make a definitive cost and time estimation for the work involved. If you have text for translation, please send it to me via email or fax, and I will get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.

As regards interpretation, my rates are charged in line with rates customary on the Swiss market. Conference interpreters charge full-day rates, even if the assignment only lasts a few hours. This full-day rate includes preparation and travel time. In addition to the fee, when traveling to assignments outside Berne, I charge for the cost of the train ticket (1st class, reduced rate) and food and lodging, if the client doesn’t provide them. Currently, daily rates for simultaneous interpretation in Switzerland are somewhere around CHF 1,300 and CHF 1,500 for the more strenuous consecutive interpretation.

If you are planning to organise a conference, please contact me and I will get back to you with a quote based on languages and number of interpreters required as soon as possible.

Membership in associations

Experienced, reliable partners and a good network are crucial to success in any profession. I can count on the support of various professional associations as well as on the excellent cooperation with qualified interpreters and translators.

I am a member of the following professional associations:

International Association of Conference Interpreters

Swiss Translators’, Terminologists’ and Interpreters’ Association

Zurich Interpreter and Translator Association

Swiss Association of Court Interpreters and Translators