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Are you looking for interpreters for an event, and you are not sure what kind of interpretation you need? Find an explanation here of the different types of interpretation.

Different types of interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter sitting in a booth listening to a speaker with the aid of headphones. The interpreter translates the speaker’s words simultaneously. Conference participants requiring a translation are able to listen to the interpreter over headphones. A sub-category of simultaneous interpreting is called chuchotage, or “whispered interpretation”. This is used when no interpretation booths are available, and only one person requires interpretation. The interpreter sits next to this person and whispers into their ear. Consecutive interpretation requires the interpreter to sit close to the speaker. The interpreter listens as the speaker is talking, while at the same time taking notes using an especially developed technique. At intervals of 5 to 10 minutes, the interpreter repeats the speaker’s words in the target language. Business interpretation is required for discussions involving two or more parties. The interpreter translates back and forth between two languages as required.

Simultaneous interpretation enables to save time, while consecutive interpretation results in a doubling of the speaking time.

If we all understand English, why do we need qualified interpreters?

English has replaced French as the language of diplomacy and is now widely regarded as a lingua franca, a common language in Europe. The majority of conferences these days, in particular medical and technical conferences, are held almost exclusively in English. Although most people’s knowledge of English enables them to make casual conversation, when it comes to important business or political matters, people prefer to use their mother tongue, as this gives them the confidence of knowing they are correctly expressing themselves. An experienced professional conference interpreter has acquired linguistic skills and specialist vocabulary over many years and is best placed to enable communication in a multlingual environment.

I will be happy to provide interpreters for your event. I carefully select my colleagues based on the specialist area required, ensuring the highest quality of interpreting.

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