Translator or interpreter?

While a translator transforms text written in one language into text written in another, an interpreter transforms words spoken in one language into words spoken in another.


A translator works either as a freelancer from home, at a translation agency or as as in-house translator for authorities or companies, making written translations of documents, carefully researching the topic.


An interpreter also either works as a freelancer or as a staff interpreter for an international organisation. There are different types of interpretation: Simultaneous interpretation involves the interpreter sitting in a booth listening to a speaker with the aid of headphones. The interpreter translates the speaker’s words simultaneously. Conference participants requiring a translation are able to listen to the interpreter over headphones.

A sub-category of simultaneous interpretation is called chuchotage, or “whispered interpretation”. This is used when there are no interpretation booths available and only one person present requires a translation. The interpreter sits next to the client and whispers the translation into the client’s ear.

Consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to sit close to the speaker. The interpreter listens as the speaker is talking, while at the same time taking notes using a specially developed technique. At intervals of 5 to 10 minutes, (taking advantage of when the speaker pauses or stops), the interpreter translates speaker’s statements. Business interpretation is required for multilingual discussions involving two or more parties. The same technique is used for community interpreting or court interpreting.



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